You are a hero: someone that has a gift and is willing to sacrifice to share that gift with others!   
The Bible teaches us that everyone has a gift, and even more than one in a lot of cases.   These gifts are meant to be used to help others.
Romans 12:6   We all have gifts. They differ according to the grace God has given to each of us.
1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
One of the most important places we are called to use our God-given gifts is in the church. 
The word “church” comes from the greek word Ekklesia which means “assembly”.  The Bible teaches that God is the “Great Assembler”.  In other words, He puts each of us exactly where He wants us to be in each “assembly”! Which means that your gift is needed in the church He puts you in.
1 Corinthians 12:18
18 But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.
Simply put, He builds His church and it is where each person is equipped for their ministry.
At New Horizon Church, everyone is in Ministry!  The way we engage in that is through the activation of our God-given gifts both in the communities God has placed you in as well as in the church.    
We have created several teams at New Horizon to offer you the opportunity to serve others with your God-given gifts.  
WORSHIP TEAM This team leads us into the presence of the Holy Spirit each Sunday through song. The New Testament church used a greek word, therapeuo – from which we get the English word therapy – to describe worship. Paul said in Hebrews 13:15, “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise–the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.” Basically, instead of messy offerings like people had to do in the Old Testament, we get to offer the sacrifice of praise (sacrificing, or getting rid of, the “me” and laying circumstances in life down to pause and recognize how much bigger He is than all of that) …and our incredible worship team excellently leads us in this each week.
You have some musical ability; a heart to serve and truly offer sacrifices of praise to our King; and a desire to administer therapy to our church family each Sunday.
1. Regular church attendance for >6 months 
2. Musical ability
3. Interview with Worship team leader
4. Practice sessions with Worship team
5. Availability to make all team practices
GREETING TEAM This team will be our “first line of LOVE” to people. Their mission is to… 
Ensure every person who arrives feels they belong and are known
You like people; like to smile; and enjoy sharing the love of Christ with people by noticing them.
Ability to arrive to church 30 minutes early. There will be coffee for you! 
GUEST EXPERIENCE TEAM This team is all about that first impression! We want to create an environment that’s welcoming and most importantly centered around God. When we take the stress out of the “adventure” of visiting a new Church we can put our guests at ease and create an atmosphere for God’s love to flow. This team is responsible for the first “messages” our guests see/hear before worship begins.  Their mission is to…
Ensure every guest who arrives feels loved, welcome, and that they know their next step
You enjoy meeting new people; have a gift for making people feel welcome; possess solid communication skills; and are able to follow up with people.
Ability to stay after the service to greet and talk with guests. There will be coffee for you! 
HOSPITALITY TEAM This team facilitates the weekly in house “breaking of bread” just like the early 1st century church. However, we added caffeine to our menu as well.
If you enjoy creating a tangible, welcoming environment and working somewhat behind the scenes then this is for you. This team leads the way in pre-service food prep; post service clean-up; decorating for special events; heading up food for special events; and they have an “eye for interior design”.
You love to serve others; you’re all about atmosphere; and you like to host.
Ability to arrive to church 45 minutes early.
FACILITY TEAM This team will help our current facilities/grounds team “get stuff done”. If you have a passion for working with your hands; seeing tangible results; and learning how to do new things (we have some skilled leaders) then this is for you!
This team will lead the way in updating / upgrading / maintaining the great facilities that God has blessed us with. 
You like working on stuff; have a heart to serve; and want to help us make the most of the great facility and grounds we have here!
KIDS CHURCH TEAMS We believe that there is no Jr Holy Spirit. In other words, we know that God moves just as powerfully within and through our children as He does with our adults. So, we have a full kids church service each Sunday that includes worship and teachings available for families.
Being a Kids Church teacher or assistant is an awesome opportunity to teach the Word of God to the Next Generation. Using a fun fast paced multi-media curriculum, the kids learn life giving Bible truths and principles. And through the caring teachers and assistants they experience the love of Christ.
You want to make an impact on the next generation
1. Regular church attendance for >6 months
2. Patient and loving heart toward kids
3. Interview with Kids Church team leader
4. Complete/pass a background check
5. Agree to attend regular training meetings
SOUND/TECH TEAM This team works behind the scenes to make sure all the techy stuff (i.e. blinking lights) are working each Sunday and during special events. This includes sound, multi-media and video.
You enjoy technical stuff; have an ear for music; enjoy learning about new technologies/software; have an interest in video production and want to serve God and people from the A/V booth!
Attend monthly Worship team practices and arrive to church early when serving
MISSIONS TEAM This team oversees what missionaries we support as a church family.  
If you have a desire to help and pray for missionaries and to work together to help choose, host and pray for missionaries…then ask how you can participate!
You want to help people share Jesus’ love from here in Rochester and to “the furthest parts of the earth.”
1. Regular church attendance for >6 months
2. Heart for missions and outreach
3. Interview with Missions team leader
4. Available to attend quarterly missions meetings
SPIRITUAL CARE TEAM This team helps people walk through very challenging times. While not counselors or professionals these people are those with a Pastoral gift to walk alongside those who need it.
You have a desire to help others move forward through difficult seasons as an accountability partner.  
1. Regular church attendance for >2 years
2. Heart to help restore others
3. Background check
4. Interview with the Leadership team
5. Attend quarterly trainings
6. Flexibility in schedule to be able to meet with people regularly
EVENTS TEAM This team loves to plan! They love working in shorter term bursts of energy to bring a big event together. This team facilitates what we call “in-reach” – when we invite the community over to bless them! 
If you like planning; have an administrative gift; enjoy achieving a lot over a short period of time then please consider this team!
ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM This team consists of the gears that keep things moving. They love checking items off of their “lists”! This team helps with a wide variety of actions – from updating the website; processing forms; setting up meal trains; ensuring people get followed up with; and the “lists” go on!
If you love “lists”; have an administrative gift; and are dependable
1. Regular church attendance > 6 months
2. Flexible schedule to be able to work with various team leaders
3. Interview with leadership team
PWR GROUP TEAM LEADER Our PWR Groups are an important part of our adult ministry. This person has a pastoral/teaching gift. You love God’s Word and you love helping people move forward with His revealed will (i.e. the Bible). 
You have the heart of a teacher; can facilitate group discussion; are dependable
1. Regular church attendance > 1 year
2. Interview with leadership team
3. Complete PWR Group Leader training